TeleAtlas VDO Dayton Maps Europa 2012/2013 (10 CD pack)

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SALE! TeleAtlas Navigation Maps VDO Dayton Europe 2012-2013 (10 CD pack)

Including complimentary firmware worth € 39,00 for VDO Dayton MS 4100, 4200, 5000, 5100 en 6000 !

Product highlights

  • Unlimited navigation through 42 countries of Europe on 10 CDs.
  • Enjoy 100 % detailed street net work for 29 European countries and more than 50% detailed street network for Bulgaria, Greece and Latvia.
  • Starting at your home and arriving at your exact destination. Door- to-door guidance in 27 countries available. In 18 countries even more    than    90 % of the population can be reached by house number selection.
  • Enjoy local knowledge every- where you go. Count on more then ~2100000 Points of Interests (POI) such restaurants, car parks and petrol stations.
  • Never get stuck and stay one step ahead of traffic jams and road works in Europe. updated official TMC code lists helps you to navigate to your destination (CH, CZ, I, NL, N).*
  • Locate your destination faster. You’ll be able to find your destination simply by inserting a postal code or even quicker by entering the street name directly.**

*   Availability depends on the navigation system 
** Availability depends on the country


VDO Dayton MS 3000, MS 3100 • MS 4000 • MS 4050 • MS 4100 • MS 4200 • MS 5000 • MS 5100 • MS 6000 and other VDO Dayton compatible non C-IQ systems (BMW, Renault, Opel, Land Rover and Rover)

Please let us know which device you have by sending us the so called NAVI ID of your device. Only then we can ensure you the right supercode CD. The Navi ID is a code of eight letters and / or numbers that you´ll find in the system menu under 'C-IQ'.

We will also send you the latest firmware. Please let us know which navigation model you have. When you're not sure, let us know if it is radio navigation system or a system with a color monitor.

Attention: Latest firmware only available for VDO Dayton MS 4100, MS 4200, MS 5000, MS 5100 and MS 6000.

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10 CDs

CD1: Benelux
CD2: Central Europe
CD3: Germany
CD4: Eastern Europe
CD5: Spain and Portugal
CD6: France
CD7: Italy and Greece
CD8: Scandinavia/Nordic
CD9: United Kingdom and Ireland
CD10: Major roads of Europe [A, AL, AND, B, BG, BIH, BY,
CH, CZ, D, DK, E, EST, F, FIN, FL, GB, GBZ, Gr, H, Hr, I,
IrL, L, LT, LV, MC, MD, MK, MNE, N, NL, P, PL, rSM, ro,
S, SK, SLo, SrB, uA, V]

And an additional CD with the latest Firmware