Garmin City Navigator® Europe NT: microSD™/SD™ card

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Garmin City Navigator® Europe NT microSD™/SD™ card

for Nuvi, Zumo and other Garmin handheld nav systems


Full version MicroSD / SD Card


  • Includes full country coverage for Western Europe and many countries in Eastern Europe (View Map for details).
  • Includes increased detailed coverage for Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.
  • Includes new coverage for Romania, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Barthélemy and French Guiana.
  • Displays more than 6 million points of interest, such as restaurants, lodging, border crossings, attractions, petrol stations, campsites, shopping and more.
  • Offers more than 10.4 million km of road coverage, including motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads.
  • Includes detailed information, such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories and other navigation features.
  • Gives turn-by-turn directions on your compatible device.
  • Contains traffic data for compatible devices that use traffic receivers.
  • Enhances pronunciation data for compatible devices that speak street names (example: "Turn right on Main Street.").


Full coverage
Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Kosovo, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Sweden, Switzerlandand,Turkey and the Ukraine 

Coverage for most urban areas
Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro 

Major roads only
Albania, Belarus and Moldova


This SD Card is compitable with almost all Garmin nüvi, zūmo and other handheld navigation devices with display. Check below to verify that this update is compitable with your Garmin device.

nüvi® 30, nüvi® 40, nüvi® 42, nüvi® 50, nüvi® 52, nüvi® 140T, nüvi® 150T, nüvi® 200, nüvi® 200W, nüvi® 205(T), nüvi® 205W(T), nüvi® 215, nüvi® 215T, nüvi® 215W, nüvi® 245, nüvi® 245W, nüvi® 245WT, nüvi® 250, nüvi® 250W, nüvi® 255, nüvi® 255W (T), nüvi® 260, nüvi® 260W, nüvi® 265, nüvi® 265T, nüvi® 265W, nüvi® 265WT, nüvi® 270, nüvi® 275, nüvi® 275T, nüvi® 285WT, nüvi® 300, nüvi® 300T, nüvi® 310, nüvi® 310T, nüvi® 340LM, nüvi® 350, nüvi® 350LM, nüvi® 360, nüvi® 360T, nüvi® 370T, nüvi® 465T, nüvi® 465TF, nüvi® 500, nüvi® 510, nüvi® 550, nüvi® 600, nüvi® 610T, nüvi® 650, nüvi® 660, nüvi® 660FM, nüvi® 670, nüvi® 680, nüvi® 710, nüvi® 715, nüvi® 750, nüvi® 755T, nüvi® 760, nüvi® 760T, nüvi® 765, nüvi® 765T, nüvi® 765TFM, nüvi® 770, nüvi® 775T, nüvi® 780, nüvi® 785T, nüvi® 850, nüvi® 855, nüvi® 860, nüvi® 865T, nüvi® 880, nüvi® 885T, nüvi® 1100, nüvi® 1200, nüvi® 1200T, nüvi® 1210, nüvi® 1240, nüvi® 1245, nüvi® 1250, nüvi® 1255, nüvi® 1260T, nüvi® 1300, nüvi® 1300T, nüvi® 1310, nüvi® 1340, nüvi® 1340T, nüvi® 1350, nüvi® 1350T, nüvi® 1355, nüvi® 1370T, nüvi® 1375, nüvi® 1390T, nüvi® 1400, nüvi® 1410, nüvi® 1420, nüvi® 1440, nüvi® 1450, nüvi® 1450T, nüvi® 1455, nüvi® 1460, nüvi® 1465, nüvi® 1480, nüvi® 1490LMT, nüvi® 1490T, nüvi® 1490TV, nüvi® 1495, nüvi® 1690, nüvi® 1695, nüvi® 1820, nüvi® 1860, nüvi® 2200, nüvi® 2200T, nüvi® 2240, nüvi® 2250, nüvi® 2300, nüvi® 2300LT, nüvi® 2310, nüvi® 2340, nüvi® 2340LMT, nüvi® 2340LT, nüvi® 2350, nüvi® 2350LT, nüvi® 2360, nüvi® 2360LT, nüvi® 2370LT, nüvi® 2405, nüvi® 2415, nüvi® 2415LT, nüvi® 2440, nüvi® 2445, nüvi® 2445LT, nüvi® 2445LM, nüvi® 2445LMT, nüvi® 2450, nüvi® 2450LT, nüvi® 2455, nüvi® 2455LMT, nüvi® 2455LT, nüvi® 2460, nüvi® 2460LMT, nüvi® 2460LT, nüvi® 2460LMT, nüvi® 2475LT, nüvi® 2495, nüvi® 2495LMT, nüvi® 2497, nüvi® 2515, nüvi® 2515LT, nüvi® 2545, nüvi® 2545LM, nüvi® 2545LMT, nüvi® 2545LT, nüvi® 2555, nüvi® 2585, nüvi® 2585TV, nüvi® 2595, nüvi® 2595LMT, nüvi® 2597, nüvi® 2797, nüvi® 3450, nüvi® 3490, nüvi® 3490LMT, nüvi® 3490LT, nüvi® 3540, nüvi® 3540LT, nüvi® 3590, nüvi® 3590LMT, nüvi® 3597, nüvi® 3710, nüvi® 3750, nüvi® 3760T, nüvi® 3790, nüvi® 3790T, nüvi® 3790LMT, nüvi® 3790T, nüvi® 5000

aera 500, aera 550, aera 560

Astro® 320

Colorado 300, Colorado® 400c, Colorado® 400i, Colorado® 400t

Dezl® 560, Dezl® 560LT, Dezl® 560LMT, Dezl® 760LMT

Dakota® 10, Dakota® 20

Edge® 605, Edge® 705 ,Edge® 800, Edge® 810
eTrex Legend HCx, eTrex Legend Cx, eTrex Venture Cx, eTrex Vista Cx, eTrex Vista HCx, eTrex 20, eTrex 30
GPSmap® 60 Cx, GPSmap® 60 CSx, GPSmap® 62, GPSmap® 62s, GPSmap® 62sc, GPSmap® 62st, GPSmap® 62stc, GPSmap® 76, GPSMAP® 76CSx, GPSMAP® 76Cx, GPSmap® 78, GPSmap® 78s, GPSmap® 298, GPSmap® 620, GPSMAP® 640

GVN® 52, GVN® 53

iQue® 3000, iQue® M4

Montana® 600, Montana® 650, Montana® 650T

NüLink® 1690, NüLink® 1695, NüLink® 2320 LIVE, NüLink® 2340, NüLink® 2340 LIVE, NüLink® 2390, NüLink® LIVE 2390

Nüvifone M10
Oregon 200, Oregon 300, Oregon 400t, Oregon 450, Oregon 450T, Oregon 550, Oregon 550T, Oregon 600, Oregon 600T, Oregon 650, Oregon 650T

Rino® 520HCx, Rino® 530HCx
StreetPilot® 2720, StreetPilot® 2820, StreetPilot® 7200, StreetPilot® 7500, StreetPilot® c310, StreetPilot® c320, StreetPilot® c330, StreetPilot® c340, StreetPilot c510, StreetPilot® c550, StreetPilot® c530, StreetPilot® c580, StreetPilot® i2, StreetPilot® i3, StreetPilot® i5
zumo® 210, zumo® 220, zumo® 340, zumo® 340LM, zumo® 350LM, zumo® 400, zumo® 450, zumo® 500, zumo® 550, zumo® 660, zumo® 660LM