TeleAtlas Maps Update Benelux 2014-2015 for VDO Dayton

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VDO Dayton Benelux CD

Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

Including complimentary firmware worth € 39,00 for VDO Dayton MS 3200, 4100, 4200, 5000, 5100 en 6000 !

Product highlights

  • Experience the ~100% detailed street network for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. You can drive carefree all the way.
  • Starting at your home and arriving at your exact destination. ~100 % of the population of Benelux can be reached by house number selection.
  • Points of Interests (POI), enjoy local knowledge everywhere you go such as restaurants, car parks and petrol stations.
  • Updated official TMC code list for the Netherlands improves dynamic route guidance. It will guide you safely to your destination through road works and traffic jams.*
  • Reach further: major roads in all 24 countries available on one extra CD.
  • Locate your destination faster. You’ll be able to find your destination simply by inserting a postal code or even quicker by entering the street name directly.

  • * Availability depends on the navigation system


VDO Dayton MS 3000 • MS 3100 • MS 4000 • MS 4050 • MS 4100 • MS 4200 • MS 5000 • MS 5100 • MS 6000 and other VDO Dayton compatible non C-IQ systems (BMW, Renault, Opel, Land Rover and Rover)

Please let us know which device you have by sending us the so called NAVI ID of your device. Only then we can ensure you the right supercode CD. The Navi ID is a code of eight letters and / or numbers that you´ll find in the system menu under 'C-IQ'.

We will also send you the latest firmware. Please let us know which navigation model you have. When you're not sure, let us know if it is radio navigation system or a system with a color monitor.

Attention: Latest firmware only available for VDO Dayton MS 4100, MS 4200, MS 5000, MS 5100 and MS 6000

EAN 0636926071109

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