VDO Dayton RCS5100 Remote Control

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RCS5100 Remote Control

Compatible with

  • VDO Dayton and Carin systems with color monitor (except the MS6000)
  • Portable models MS2000, MS2010, MS2110, PN2050, PN3000, PN3010, PN4000 and PN6000
  • VDO Dayton MS5000, MS5100, MS5200, MS5400, MS5500, MS5600, MS5700 and Carin 522
  • VDO multimedia systems MS6100 and MS6200

Attention: Not compatible with: Carin 420, Carin 440, MS4000, MS4050, MS4100, MS4150, MS4150RS, MS4200, MS4200RS, MS4300 and MS4400.